What can I do for you:

1. Build your website from start to finish.

Gone are the days of building simple websites. Today's internet has an important place in our lives and we need intelligent solutions to solve complex problems. Whether you need an online information channel, a web shop, a collaboration platform or a mobile & tablet friendly online business: I can build it with you.

I build beautiful sites, custom tailored to meet all the needs of your organisation.

Being a freelancer, I can pay full attention to all my clients. I don't oversell my time to meet sales targets, I provide a top notch service and build top notch websites. I have frequent skype meetings with international clients, and local clients are always free to drop by my home office in Utrecht. Communication is the key to build succesful websites.

2. Be your partner in site design and Drupal theming. (B2B)

Some projects require a team of specialists to build. I am specialized in Drupal theming. From freelancing and running sooperthemes.com I have acquired unique experience in building beautiful, fast and cross-browser compatible Drupal themes. I have built an open source base theme for Drupal called Arctica. My weapons of choice are SASS (a programmable superset of CSS), jQuery, CSS3PIE, modernizr and pretty much every jQuery plugin that looks useful and well-coded.

3. Provide design, online strategy and digital branding: delivering ready for primetime Drupal themes. (B2B)

Imagine the benefits of having a Designer who is also a Drupal developer. For every element I design I make a cost/benefit decision with accurate knowledge of the time it takes to develop a feature, and the time it saves when I design it slightly differently. On top of that I have current and deep knowledge of the progression in CSS features and browser compatibility, giving me the edge in designing modern websites that leverage the latest developments in internet technology.

I take design very seriously, and have a process that takes us through the stages of research, problem definition, conceptual design, graphic design, and finally putting the design into code. I have expert knowledge in the fields of UX, Typography, grid design and building stuff that works.

Hi, I’m Jurriaan Roelofs.

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